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The Rauma sawmill has begun production

The new pine sawmill in Rauma, Finland, is Metsä Fibre’s most modern and technically advanced sawmill ever. And, as planned, production began in the third quarter of 2022.

The Rauma sawmill is a big leap forward in the industry, both in terms of technology and efficiency, and it is leading the way to the future of sawn timber production. It uses state-of-the-art technology and automation all the way through the production process, from log handling to sawing, timber grading and loading. This maximises production speed and efficiency, and it enables the entire mill to be controlled from one central control room.

 High technology for high quality
250 metres per minute
750,000 m3 pine sawn timber per year
 High technology for high quality
250 metres per minute
750,000 m3 pine sawn timber per year

Technology delivers efficiency and sustainability

At our new Rauma pine sawmill we are using technology to ensure the most efficient and effective use of wood raw material, and machine vision and AI will be used to get the most and the best from each log. The sawmill will also be integrated into our Rauma pulp mill so that every part of each tree is used and nothing is wasted, not even wood chips or sawdust. The wood we use is has full traceability and comes from certified or controlled forests.

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As our customer, we want to ensure that you always have the information you need. Is there something you would like to know about our new Rauma sawmill? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions. If you can’t find what you are looking for there, you can send a question to our customer support team using the button at the bottom of the FAQ section.

Metsä Fibre uses Nordic pine wood from sustainably managed forests in areas where the forests grow more than they are used. The pine wood we use is fully traceable and comes from certified or controlled forests.

Metsä Fibre targets large industrial customers worldwide. For more information, please contact your local sales.

The automated systems in the new mill gather lots of data, including data about sawn timber grade and quality, and drying properties. This data is then connected to each specific lot of sawn timber, which means that our customers can see the properties of the sawn timber in each lot and choose the right lot for their needs.

The technology makes the sawmill more efficient and it ensures a high level of product quality. It also enables the optimum use of wood in each individual log, for the best resource efficiency. Smart systems with machine vision ensure smooth, uninterrupted production, all the way from log sorting to sawing to drying and loading. Artificial intelligence, together with machine vision, is also used to identify and sort timber by grade and by moisture level, and to remove defects. This ensures our customers receive accurately graded sawn timber with consistent quality.

Although Rauma sawmill is highly automated, Metsä Fibre’s skilled and highly competent staff have full visibility of operations from the central control room. Here, they monitor accurate, real-time data to ensure uninterrupted production and high quality at all stages of the process. Quality checking begins with accurate grading and the removal of defective pieces right at the start of the production chain to ensure more consistent quality throughout the production process. During log sorting, the logs are X-rayed to measure quality deviations, knots and knot frequency. After measurement, the control system grades the logs into sawing batches and links them to the intended final products. The flow of timber in the sawline is also continuously monitored by special cameras that detect defective pieces. Automated robotics remove defective pieces without manual intervention.

The new Rauma sawmill is integrated with Metsä Fibre’s Rauma pulp mill, which is located on the same site. The synergies between the sawmill and the pulp mill bring benefits to energy production, utilization of side streams, logistics and services. In the future, this investment will enable both Rauma sawmill and pulp mill to operate without using any fossil fuels.


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